Runway Research is enabling the impossible. Our mission is to use machine intelligence to build new types of creative tools across video, images, music, and text.

What we do

We’re highlighting interesting work, inside and outside Runway, at the intersection of creativity and machine learning.

At Runway, we develop cutting-edge machine learning models for video and image synthesis. Beyond the next best algorithm that achieves state-of-the-art performance on a benchmark, we want to design models which provide users abstractions to create and allow people to tell stories in new ways.

Creative AI

Deep neural networks for image and video synthesis are becoming increasingly precise and realistic. In just a couple of years, we’ve gone from 128x128 blurry black and white images to high-resolution photorealism allowing for the rise of synthetic media. At the same time, neural rendering techniques are bringing computer graphics up to date with the latest developments in deep learning. This means faster and more precise rendering techniques, more accessible graphics pipelines, and automated tools that are easier to use.

We believe that deep learning techniques applied to audiovisual content will forever change art, creativity, and design tools.

Join Runway

We’re hiring for a variety of roles across research, engineering. We are based in New York, but welcome remote applications from everywhere