More control, fidelity and expressibility.

by Runway Research / Nov 20, 2023

We're excited to share a number of new features and updates now available to everyone.

This week we're releasing a number of new features to help generate videos with more control, greater fidelity and style expression.

Motion Brush

Generative models are tools for human imagination. And like all creative tools, they require a considerable level of control for them to be useful to artists. That's why we're so excited to introduce, Motion Brush.

Motion Brush is a unique interface that allows you to direct specific movements across your generation with a simple brush stroke.

Simply paint the area or subject you’d like to add motion to, choose a direction and corresponding value. Then generate.

Figure 1: Motion Brush control panel.

Motion Brush is now available for use in Gen-2 Image to Video mode.

Figure 2: Motion Brush in Gen-2

Gen-2 Style Presets

Control is about more than just movement, it's about style and art direction. That's why we're excited to introduce, Style Presets.

Style Presets allow you to generate content using curated styles without the need for complicated prompting.

Current Style Presets include:

Actor Casting
Digital Art
Duotone Artistic Photo
Graphic Novel
Impressionist Painting
Isometric 3D
Low Poly 3D
Macro Photography
Marker Drawing
Pixel Art
Retro Photography
3D Cartoon
3D Render
80s Vaporwave

Style Presets bring more artistic control and expression to your generations and are available now in both Text to Image and Gen-2.

Figure 3: Animation ready with Style Presets

Director Mode Update

Alongside the addition of Motion Brush, Director Mode’s advanced camera controls have been updated to allow for a more granular level of control.

Now you can adjust camera moves with more precision using fractional numbers for more or less movement. Combine Director Mode camera moves with Motion Brush for an unparalleled level of control with your generative videos.

Figure 4: New precision motion values in Director Mode

Improved Image Model

Improved fidelity, greater consistency and higher resolution image generations are now available in Text to Image, Image to Image and Image Variation.

Try adding these tools to your Image to Video workflow for a greater level of storytelling control than ever before.

Figure 4: Updated image tools with Runway

Runway’s mission is to build new systems that make it faster, easier and more achievable for anyone to turn their thoughts and ideas into stories they can share.

These updates mark another major stepping stone towards our goal of unlocking an unprecedented level of creative control and storytelling capabilities for everyone.

Motion Brush, Gen-2 Style Presets, updated Director Mode and our new image models are all part of our continuous efforts to lead the way towards new types of storytelling tools; using AI to augment human creativity and expressiveness.

While we’re still incredibly early in the invention of this new camera, we’re nearing an inflection point where much of what we set out to create in 2018 with the inception of Runway, is beginning to materialize.

More updates and improvements coming soon.

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